The UK’s smallest, yet fully functional, pre-fabricated home:

• Ultra-small yet fully-functional living units – radical design and engineering addressed to meet the absolute smallest limits of UK Building Regulations, including:

- fully steel-framed rigid structure
- class leading insulation methods to offer excellent air-tightness
- mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR) system

• Detached, or semi-detached options for multiple units with excellent soundproofing on party walls.

• Net internal area ±190 sqft (18 sqmt)

• Designed to be sited on a small pad, steel groundscrews or compacted hardcore and mini-piles (depending on the site)

• Typically installed on site over 2-3 days after delivery and positioning by crane

• Available as a 'self-build' kit which can be customised by the client

• Complete with everything necessary for super-compact, self-contained living for 1 / 2 people: contemporary custom furniture, integrated storage cupboards, fitted kitchen, convertible vaulted dining/recreation space and bathroom

• Ideal accommodation for students, holiday parks, leisure facilities, teenagers’ rooms, grown-up children (the ‘boomerang generation’), or live-in home help (e.g. carers or nannies)

• Compact enough to fit in a typical garden, and much cheaper and faster than the average home extension




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