Our mission is to offer high quality factory-built modular homes with class leading comfort, energy and environmental performance. All denhomes are entirely 'CNC' manufactured to modular designs to extremely tight tolerances, ensuring a fast and consistent build quality and timeframe. Our homes are designed to maximise available land footprint by utilising space efficiently and creatively on the inside. Ranging from microhomes to 3/4 bed homes, denhomes has a solution to suit most requirements, and we can offer either full project implementation or 'self-build' kits for clients to complete themselves.

denhomes are manufactured complete to your requirements in our facilities, which have benefitted from a large recent investment in the latest metal and woodworking equipment to produce our bespoke homes.  Building modular homes in a factory environment allows us to control quality at every stage of the build, producing a better, more consistent product, more cost effectively, and with a more sustainable impact on our environment. Our self-build kits are the perfect for the modern building project allowing customers to put together the vast majority of the home's structure either themselves, or using a general contractor.

denhomes strive to set new industry standards of quality and energy performance to make every home as comfortable as possible, whilst being inexpensive to run and with a sustainable environmental footprint. As such every denhome benefits from the following essential features as standard:
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heat recovery

Heat recovery system to reduce heating bills dramatically, capturing waste heat that would normally be lost through inefficient ventilation
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mechanical ventilation

Mechanical ventilation and filtration system to reduce or eliminate pollen and pollution throughout your home – increasing comfort levels by supplying a continuous stream of fresh filtered air in your home
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CNC construction

Homes precision manufactured to incredibly tight tolerances for generations of demanding use in all environments. Every piece of a denhome is made to tolerances as tight as +/- 0.1mm, giving our homes and self-build kits the consistency to go together fast and well

our homes

yocto exterior image | denhomes


the UK's smallest 'proper' house. a design experiment to produce a house on the limits of UK Building Regulations. so good, we put it into production and available as a self-build kit

view our yocto
zepto exterior image | denhomes


denhomes's most iconic design. zepto: the ultimate compact house. flexible, adaptable, contemporary living. compact proportions offering outstanding utility and value for money, featuring optional extension modules to create generous 1 bed, or compact 2 bed units

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denrooms pod image | denrooms

pods / lodges

denhomes's sister brand denrooms. denrooms manufacture a range of 'pods' and smaller accommodation units for the glamping and garden room market, available in either fully-built or self-build 'kit' format

view our pods & lodges

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